New Image for the New Slugger Finish

This is the image decision that no one seems to be talking about.  Louisville Slugger just launched its new MLB Prime bats that claim to be 2x harder with its new ExoArmor finish.  While they are sticking by that story and playing up the ink dot for MLB’s slope of grain requirement, I haven’t heard anyone talk about the huge marketing decision that was made to go along with the new finish and custom program.  I can’t say with absolute 100% certainty, but I’m pretty confident that this is the first time that a mark other than the Slugger oval has branded it’s bats.  The secondary logo that is now front and center was designed in 2014 during the Slugger rebranding process.  Most players today probably won’t care and I guess that is kind of the point.  In a world full of what have you done for me lately sentiment, brand loyalty has fallen by the wayside.  The introduction of the sleeker logo on the face of the bat is another attempt to gain popularity with a younger demographic in hopes of pulling market share away from Marucci, Old Hickory and growing number of smaller companies fighting for a piece of the pie.  It will be interesting to see if the new brand will be used in the 2017 non-wood line or will be strictly wood, time will tell.

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