2017 Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus & LXT Hyper

The Xeno and LXT have arguably been the best fastpitch bats on the market for the past few years.  While they have both shared the same S1iD barrel technology since their inception, the major differentiator between the two is in the connection.  The Xeno uses an iST joint while the LXT uses the Tru3, which can be found in many other Slugger multi-piece bats.  While there are no technical details available yet, it looks like the Xeno purple and LXT blue will move forward to go along with the white handle/barrel combo.  A light shade of blue replaces the neon yellow from 2016 as the accent color for both models.  Just going by the pictures below, the grip looks to remain the same while using a transition or gradient color way, which looks pretty cool.  Unlike the Xeno, the LXT will now add Hyper in place of Plus moniker.  The Tru3 connection piece also looks like it received a cosmetic redesign.

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The LXT Hyper colors will now be customizable just like the Demarini CF9.

Update 5/20/2016:  Details about both the Xeno Plus and LXT Hyper can now be found on the Sluggers Amazon Bat Details.

Xeno Plus:  It appears that the new 2017 version does not have any new noted technology and is a carryover of the 2016 model with new graphics.

LXT Hyper:  Differentiating itself further from the Xeno Plus, the LXT has improved the Tru3 connection and made a big change to its barrel.  It has taken out the S1iD (which is responsible for the Xeno and LXT’s “glass shattering” sound) in favor of the new PBF barrel technology (Performance Barrel-Flex System) which claims to double the sweet spot.

I’ll update the post as I gather more information about the new PBF barrel.

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