2017 Demarini CF9 Fastpitch

It looks like the CF9 information is now on Demarini.com.  Here is the marketing copy:

“The ALL-NEW line of DeMarini CF9 bats is made for the way you play. Plain and simple. Whether you’re a power hitter looking to bring the boom or a speed demon trying to slap it silly, our innovative technology from knob to endcap delivers you the right bat for when it counts – game time. The new PARAFLEX COMPOSITE BARREL – with 22% stronger carbon fibers – creates a huge sweet-spot for massive pop and a low MOI. And we’re not a one-trick pony, our Paraflex Composite allow us to precisely distribute the weight in each bat so you can find a stick that matches your game. But performance is about more than just the barrel – the revolutionary D-Fusion 2.0 handle is optimized to redirect energy upon contact back into the barrel for an explosive trampoline like feel. That means more energy concentrated on pop and less on hand sting. Our lightest swinging bats ever are built to perform to the max at high pitch speeds – because game time is when it matters most.”

Sounds like the barrel is being made out of a new material to improve overall performance and extend the sweet spot.  I’ll see if I can get anymore details about it and how it compares to the CF8.

The CF9 will again come in a -8, -9, -10 Balanced, -10 Insane End Load, -10 Hope, -10 Slapper (14″ Barrel) and -11.  Check out some of the pictures below!

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