2017 Demarini CF Insane & CF Zen

The CF Insane and CF Zen are the latest bats in Demarini’s 2017 line taking over for the 2016 CF8.  For 2017, Demarini dropped the number moniker and went with two models, the Insane (End Loaded) and Zen (Balanced).  The CF series bats have been one of the most popular multi-piece composite models over the past few years.  With a balanced swing weight and good performance, it has been a solid choice for many players.  From a business stance, most of time manufacturers are trying to reduce SKUs or models, not add more.  Adding more models makes it harder to forecast sales quantity, which is a big deal when lead times for bats can range from 1-3 months if manufactured overseas.  For the players, I love this move, which essentially follows the path of their CF fast pitch line by offering more models for specific types of hitters.  Demarini is touting a new Paraflex Composite which is 22% stronger (than the CF8 I assume).  “22% stronger” is a little vague and it is probably intended to be that way.  Does stronger equal higher performance or better durability?  Either way, while the knob, handle, connection and end cap have remained the same, the barrel has changed from last year’s CF8, which is assumed to be an improvement.  With the CF series splitting into the Insane and Zen, it will be interesting to see what the MOI (swing weight) spread is between the two models.


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