Adidas Aero Burner Comp Review

Bat Tested:  30” 20oz – 2 ¾


The Adidas Aero Burner Comp is brand new for the 2017 line and aiming to take on the major players in the high end multi piece composite space.  Adidas has used its well known brand and tapped into TaylorMade’s internal Aero Burner technology to produce a really nice bat with a low MOI & good performance.   

Graphics / Cosmetics

Simple, Sleek and Streamlined are words that come to mind when looking at the Aero Burner Comp.  Adidas decided to forego any over the top graphic treatment and keep it extremely simple.  On the surface it looks like they used a straight white base with red labeling.  After further inspection, there is a repeating honeycomb like pattern that is outlined in a very faint grey color across the entire bat.  While you won’t be able to notice it from a distance, up close it gives the bat some creative detail.  There is a fine line that manufacturers have to balance when going with the simple look.  If the look is too bland, then the bat looks cheap.  I think it takes a few little extra details like the repeating honeycomb pattern to express that they know the look they are going for as opposed to just cheaping out.  The integrated end cap gives the bat a little more flare with it’s metallic red color.  

Handle / Knob / Grip

The Adidas Knob uses a standard size and shape that hitters will be used to from many other similar bats.  They use a white EQT grip (yikes!) with a small diamond like pattern covered in red dots.  While the extra red helps the color situation out, there isn’t anything special about the grip.  Not totally knocking Adidas, but in my opinion all white grips are brutal.  They aren’t the first manufacturer to use one and they certainly won’t be the last.  It looks pretty sharp on the bat when it’s hanging on a rack in the store, but once you get that bad boy into a practice or a game, that nice white turns into dirt brown quickly.  


The Aero Burner Comp produced a wide range of sounds depending on where contact was made.  While many composite bats either have the “dead” traditional composite sound or a higher pitch closer to the ping, the Aero Burner had a little bit of both.  When balls were barreled up on the sweet spot is when we got the higher pitch result.  As impact moved off of the sweet spot towards the end cap and handle is when he heard the thud mixed with a little ting.  If anything the sound gave us a pretty good idea where impact was made after the swing.

Swing Weight

This is one of the areas where the bat shines.  The swing weight of the Aero Burner Comp is extremely low.  I think that the hitters who take the time to try it out, will like how smooth it is.  In the senior league market, the name of the game is lightweight, huge barrels and great performance.  Fortunately for Adidas, this bat provides all of those.  Hitters should be able to achieve maximum control in the zone which will allow them to take advantage of the large barrel.


Even though Adidas is fairly new to the bat game, they have quickly caught on and developed a few solid bats.  While feel may not be the first thing on a player’s mind when selecting a bat, it’s always there.  Whether you think about it or not, when you swing a bat for the first time there are a million thoughts running through your subconscious as your process the experience.  Science or not, some bats feel like they are an extension of you while others feel like they belong in the dugout garbage.  It’s a combination of swing weight, grip and feel at contact among others.  The Aero Burner Comp falls into the first camp.  The swing weight and feel at contact combine to flat out make it feel good in your hands.  The Energy Recoil System (ERS) connection does a good job at reducing most of the vibration, while still allowing some feedback to reach your hands.


A shoe company designed a high end full composite bat with technology made popular in the golf space.  After thinking that through I didn’t really know what to expect from the Aero Burner Comp in terms of performance.  During our testing, the barrel actually performed quite well at different impact locations away from the sweet spot (which is important) as well as right on it.  There were a few balls that I hit off of the inner third of the barrel and they came off much better than I anticipated, which was a nice surprise.   


Even with the Aero Burner Comp performing well in our testing, Adidas will be fighting an uphill battle against some of the top names in the industry.  I’m not sure how much they have invested in their efforts, but I think the only way they will sell a lot of bats is if they are out doing demos across the country trying to convert one player at a time.  The $400 price tag is what will scare away a lot of players, especially when they can go with a well known bat for the same price or even less.  We think that if players give it a shot they will like what they feel, but we’ll see how the market responds.

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