80 Grade Gear

80 Grade Gear

Here at Bat Scout we love product. Especially when it is bat and hitting related. Below you will find a list of things that we are currently high on right now. The list will be updated from time to time to include new items.

Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker

Are you looking to gain an edge with technology to improve your swing? The SwingTracker will map out your swing visually with huge set of metrics along with it. Measure your current abilities and track how they improve as you put in the cage time. I can almost guarantee if you give it a shot, you will find that you are doing something unconsciously and never knew it. If you’re not taking advantage of the tools available to you in today’s baseball world, another player is passing you by. Check out our full review of the SwingTracker.

Shop SwingTracker SwingTracker Review

Marucci CAT7

If you’re looking for a one piece aluminum bat, the CAT7 is a solid choice. It’s one of the most popular bats purchased in the 2017 line for its affordable price point (MAP $249.95, but should be able to find it lower now!) and good performance. The CAT7 has a balanced swing weight and an MOI in the middle of the pack, which allows it to appeal to more types of hitters. Click below to find our full review of the CAT7.

Shop CAT7 CAT7 Review

Louisville Slugger Prime 917

If you’re looking for a multi-piece composite bat, you can’t go wrong with the Prime 917. The Prime series has gained so much momentum over the past couple of years because of its great feel and performance. The Prime has a balanced swing weight and an MOI that works for a lot of different hitters, similar to the CAT7 above. The custom Lizardskins grip is a nice touch as well. Check out our full review of the Prime 917.

Shop Prime 917 Prime 917 Review

Franklin Batting Gloves

In college I was a huge grip guy. I had a BG rotation set up and ran through a new pair every few weeks. Some wore out, most ripped and others were toast after they sat in sweat & couldn’t recover (real talk). While we got a couple of pairs from the school for free, after that I was on my own. I ran through every brand and type of glove that you can think of. One year I got a couple pairs of Franklins from a buddy in pro ball to try out. They were by far the most durable set of gloves I wore that also used a thin, high end material palm to provide great feel. Our colors were maroon and black, the gloves were purple and I rocked them all season long plus again in summer ball. I know that other manufacturers also make nice gloves, but Franklin is a personal favorite. If you have any other suggestions, I’m up for giving them a shot!

Shop Franklin CFX Pro Shop Franklin Powerstrap

The Science of Hitting – Ted Williams

There isn’t a whole lot that I can say that hasn’t been said before about this book. It is a classic and a must have for any hitter’s library. Even with all of this technology available to us, it is amazing to see how much information about hitting hasn’t changed since one of the greatest hitters of all time shared his knowledge. This could be one of the cheapest + best gifts you could give to any hitter.

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Keep checking back to see new gear added to the list!


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